What do I think about, when I think about bees?

Apart from 'The End of The World' thing; Sweet saturation Sexual swarming Meadowlarking Daisy chain daydreaming Loved up Dribble drunk disorder Delirious haze Sunsoaked daze Wiggle waggle, Giggle gingham Bluesky flirt, Alert skirtation Humdinger finger Fondle foodle Hanky doodle Candy Panky Carouse arousal Suckle sip swill swallow Horny honeyed belly bee Saliva live oh 24 carat Beuys Nectarous necromancer Contemplating Navel gazing Happy haplodiploidy Natural sexlection Assassinecessary Sister’s daughter slaughter Heinous horror hive hosts Atrocities of industrial scale Sepulcher of larva bred Apicidal waxen gaol

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