I am a multimedia artist/sculptor based in Sheffield. My work addresses the perilous state of our planet/society. Proud to be working class, I continue to rage through the Anthropocene.

Born in the Black Country, son of a nut and bolt forger, I danced my way through Northern Soul, Punk and into New Wave, before making a break to Sheffield in 1980. At art college, I revelled in everything that I could lay my hands on, sculpting, painting, making videos, making noise etc. Not a musician, I formed/joined/performed with local bands, eg In the Nursery/The Anti Group. Being politically active, I took a proactive part in 2 occupations at the college, was active in support of working class struggles eg miners strike, using my artwork to agitate where possible.

After college, whilst signing on, I collaborated with other creatives, establishing intermedia group Fabricata Illuminata, touring music and live art venues.

Dismayed with the ‘Art world’, and with a daughter on the way (needed to make some cash), I became self employed, first illustrating posters for bands, then making theatre props, then making sculptural exhibits for Museums. In 1998, I switched to making artwork for artists.

Around 2005 (to date), I returned to doing my own artwork whilst juggling paid commissions. My work is mainly shown in spaces not normally associated with art, very public spaces. I work solo, and collaboratively, with non artists, street artists, and with academics, as well as other creatives, see www.swarfhorse.co.uk and www.gaiamycota.org . In 2011, I co-conceived ‘The Festival of the Mind’ with Vanessa Toulmin, founder of The National Fairground and Circus Archive, at The Uni of Sheffield, which has continued bi-annually ever since. Inspired by my academic collaborator, Professor Duncan Cameron, my show ‘The Gene Genie’, shown in Pubs, looks at emotional conservatism , the bucolic plague, and genetic modification. I have recently been given the position of 'Honorary Research Fellow for Environmental Advocacy at the Interface of Science and Contemporary Art', at the Institute for Sustainability, at The University of Sheffield.




Telephone; 07905230831



Abridged Curriculum Vitae


'Honorary Research Fellow for Environmental Advocacy at the intersection of Science and Contemporary Art', at the University of Sheffield, Dept of Animal and Plant Sciences



1980-83 Sheffield City Polytechnic, BA(Hons) Fine Art Sculpture



1988 to date; Self employed sculptor/multimedia artist


Recent exhibitions;

3rd Feb-1st Mar 2018; Group show, 'The Future of Food' SciArt Center exhibiton, Usagi Gallery, Brooklyn , New York, USA

20th Dec 2018; Group show, 'Bethlehem Boys Club', Sidney & Matilda, Sheffield

16th-25th Nov 2018; Group Show,'Modern Panic IX', Guerrilla Zoo, Archive Gallery, London.


9th Nov-2nd Dec 2018; Collaborative work with Augustinas Naslenas, feat in 'Dream Reaper – Seeker of Visions', Klaipeda Centre of Culture Communications, Lithuania.


15th-26th Oct 2018; Group show 'Confluence', Herrick Gallery, Mayfair, London.


20th-27th Sept 2018; 'Refugerminate', @ 'Futurecade', Festival of the Mind, Millennium Galleries, Sheffield.


14th July-29th July 2018; Group Show 'This Class Works', Burton Rd , Sheffield.


26th June-6th December 2018; 'The Great Omi' @ “British Tattoo Art Revealed”, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Naval Museum.


24th March-5th May 2018; Group show; 'Malevolent Eldritch Shrieking', #AttercliffeTM, Sheffield.


2nd March - 6th June 2018; 'The Great Omi' @ “British Tattoo Art Revealed”, Torre Abbey, Torquay.


9th Sept - 2nd December 2017; 'The Gene Genie', Red Deer, Sheffield.


March 2017; “The Red Shoes” aka “Sustainability Dancer” sculpture permanently sited at the Dept of Social Sciences ICOSS building, The University of Sheffield.


March 2017 – Jan 2018; 'The Great Omi' @ “British Tattoo Art Revealed”, National Maritime Museum Cornwall.


7-13th Nov 16; STAVE shown at Braunschweig International Film Festival, Germany.


Mar-Sept 2016; Gaiamycota. A collaboration with Professor Duncan Cameron from the University of Sheffield, digital artist Augustinas Naslenas, and musician Ryan Taylor. A multi disciplinary project for the Festival of The Mind 2016. It was presented at;

10th-25th Sept 16; Installation at “Futurecade”, Millenium Galleries Sheffield.

23rd Sept 16; Gaiamycota- The Performance. At The Spiegeltent, Barkers Pool, Sheffield.


6th-22nd July 16; “Hard Graft”, a 3d printed artwork (part of my ‘digitally dextrous’ project) was displayed at ‘Printing Sheffield 3D’, Old Post Office Gallery, Sheffield Hallam Uni.


1st-4th April 16; sculptural installation in collaboration with artist Paul Evans entitled “What do you think about when you think about Bees?” Winter Gardens Sheffield.


For full CV please contact absculpture@blueyonder.co.uk

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